Weekend Baking: Pop Tart Cookies

So. You’re gonna wanna make these cookies
Like, soon. 
Eat them for breakfast, snack, dessert.
Eat four of them at once if you’re feeling self-indulgent. 
Consequently, you’ll feel particularly motivated to exercise. 
If you, like me, had a cinnamon pop tart, toasted, every day of your elementary and middle-school life, and you had to go gluten-free, those deliciously sugary treats are one of the biggest things you miss. 
But they’re back! 
Just make these cookies. 
Eat them. 
And then, for pete’s sake, go exercise. 
{that’s a note to self}

Thank you for the recipe, Dana!


  1. How did you make them gluten free? Just substitute GF flour? I'm new to this gluten free thing and not sure about baking substitutions. Thanks, Wendy

  2. Hi Wendy! Yes, luckily this recipe worked well with a 1-1 direct conversion with a gluten-free flour mix. Be sure to use a pre-mixed blend of flours (baking mix, or all-purpose flour), rather than one specific kind of GF flour (like rice flour or tapioca starch). Hope that helps!

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