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Today is National Day of Encouragement. I’m a bit late, and it’s more like Night of Encouragement over here, but hey, if you had a rough day, I want you to know that the day hasn’t run out of encouragement for you 😉 
I’ve been meaning to start a new series for a LONG time: Mail Call. It’s like at summer camp, you know? And it’s an embarrassing ritual to get your name called at lunch time if you have a letter, because someone back home loves you? It’s like that, only less embarrassing.
When inCourage by Dayspring offered a package of their encouraging, uplifting greeting cards, it seemed like the perfect time to share Mail Call. Mail Call is the giving and receiving of happy little notes…sentiments exchanged through the mail, sent with love from a friend or family member, prayed over, written in someone’s own handwriting, with a stamp they chose and maybe some fun extras. I absolutely adore writing notes. In college, I was known for sticking random encouraging notes in everyone’s mailboxes. I have a collection of stationary, but, to be honest, I live in a small town with no access to a local Christian store. I’m always having to write in my own inspirational messages in blank cards, so receiving these cards was such a spot of sunshine. These cards just exude joy and encouragement.
Redeemed All Occasions - 10 Premium Card Assortment
{click image to see the collection}

I cannot tell you how BEAUTIFUL and LUXURIOUS Dayspring’s Redeemed All Occasions – 10 Premium Card Assortment  line of cards is; they mean it when they say PREMIUM cards, ladies. They are thick, stunning, with embellishments (embroidery, tiny pins, tags, etc.) galore, and so uplifting. And guess what? They arrived on a day when *I* needed encouragement myself. Reading through them in awe of their beauty was food for my own soul. These are cards that will stay on the bulletin board or refrigerator for a looooooooooong time. In fact, I’m tempted to keep them up on MY refrigerator, and get another pack to share! Nah, I cannot wait to write them out with love and send them to new homes.

 Thank you, Dayspring, for making beautiful, Scripture-affirming cards, and for letting me share them. 

*Disclosure: These are my true and honest opinions and my own words, but Dayspring provided the product for review. All Dayspring links are affiliate links, but only because I love them so much 🙂

In Other “Mail Call” news…
There was a notebook, wrapped in vintage wrapping paper (on left), and then again in Kraft paper, and sent to mom.

Not just any notebook, though….a leopard print (wonderfully indulgent) Kate Spade notebook found on uber-clearance…
and embellished with love & washi tape 🙂 
There was also a late wedding present sent, and a birthday card for a dear friend, all wrapped up with hot pink tissue paper and (more) washi tape.
That’s all for the Mail Call today! I can’t wait to show you more ideas for notes, projects, and happy things to send in the mail! Bringing a stack of pretty mail to the post office (or finding one in your own post box!) is definitely one of life’s little pleasures, don’t you think?


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