This city has yet to really impress me.

But this weekend…well…I might be falling for it a little bit. 
See, I realized something. 

This city owes me nothing. In fact, it has no idea who I am. It won’t draw my name out of a hat and invite me to hold the golden key to the city. 
I must fall for it. 
I must find the moments and the places that make me come alive here. I must find the space I wish to inhabit within this city, and I must inhabit it. 
No one else can give that to me. 
I have to thrift it along with vintage clothes, write it at coffee shops along with poems, and I must embrace it along with my family. 
In time, I will snowshoe along the banks of its frozen lakes, and I will think quietly in my heart:
I have found peace. 
And I have found a place here.


  1. Welcome to Minnesota! Don't know where in MN you are, except farther south than me…most of the leaves have fallen from our trees! Blessings to you as you discover the beauty of Minnesota — Minnesota "nice", hot dishes, ending sentences with the word "with", and really cold winters! I pray you come to think of Minnesota as "home" at least for a time!

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