Take Heart

These days, it’s a daily struggle to keep all of my heart here. To keep it present. 
Half of it is still living a small-town-happy past life, and the other half is living a city-struggling-memories life.

 I have so much more empathy now for anyone who moves. The next time a new girl comes up to me, I will say, “I will be your friend! I will sit with you at the lunch table! I mean, get coffee with you!”  
{this section refuses to get on the ‘centered’ bandwagon tonight for some reason…}

Also, I have only unpacked about 20% of my closet, and I haven’t figured out this “why my hair looks so terrible here most days” thing yet, so I’m really limping along here with style posts. Good thing this blog isn’t just about fashion 🙂 
PS> I had to wear this leopard coat because it was snowing. Again.
Wait for the Lord! Be strong, and TAKE HEART, and wait for the Lord.
Psalm 27:14
Have a great week! 


  1. Great verse. I actually taped it to my phone when I was expecting! It will get better, promise. It is hard to leave. Every time we move(5x so far and counting 😉 I read the quote, "Moving on is simple, what it leaves behind is hard." It takes awhile to fit yourself into a new puzzle. I'm still in the midst of that myself. We can pray for one another.

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