Beauty with a Purpose {Part 2}

I can’t stop smiling. I tried. But it’s really, really hard because I’m wearing this amazing hot pink lipstick. And it not only feels good, it does good. As I said yesterday, this beautiful makeup from Radiant Cosmetics helps fight human trafficking by raising awareness and donating funds.
I also can’t stop wearing this lipstick. I wore it to church. I wore it to work. I wore it on the weekend with a white tee shirt and jeans. I wore it to the polls to vote. 
It is just so much fun. I can’t get over it. And how fun is it with a polka dot (that are actually tiny hearts) peplum top and bright pink Swedish clogs? Swoon.
So let me just gush about this lipstick a little bit more. Look at it! It’s gorgeous! The tube is lovely, shiny, and heavy…you can tell this isn’t your drugstore lipstick. I also adore the Radiant logo. Nicole sent me a personal, handwritten note with those beautiful cards in the background…I loved the personal touches and great customer service. They really do care.
Here I tried not to smile for a moment, so you could see the lipstick.
It went on very smoothly, very pigmented, and lasted forever. I put this lipstick on in the morning and proceeded to: eat celery and lunch, drink from a water bottle all day, drink coffee from a to-go cup, eat dinner…and at the end of the day? 
Still as bright pink as can be. I didn’t even layer it. I just put it on my bare lips. That’s staying power. 
I also used the beautiful Pirouette (shimmery light beige-pink) and Ahoy (matte navy) eyeshadows. Above I used just the Pirouette with a silver gel eyeliner. 
I also wore the Ahoy and the Pirouette with blue eyeliner:
Subtle, but still very fun. 
Beauty with a purpose in products that I love and would purchase anyway?
That’s something I can stand behind. 
Next time you need a pick-me-up and are tempted to buy a standard-issue Sephora lipstick, think Radiant instead. I know you’ll love it. I can’t wait to add more Radiant Cosmetics to my makeup bag. And speaking of makeup bags, they have cool ones handmade by ladies in Uganda. Even more awesome.
Thank you Nicole and Radiant Cosmetics!
These products were given to me in exchange for my honest review in the words and images in the two posts I created. Since they were given to me, there were no profits to be donated to fighting human trafficking. To counteract that, I happily donated to one of the organizations that Radiant partners with, Love146. Maybe you’ll be inspired, too!


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