Fun or Frumpy?

I’ve noticed a new trend: over-the-knee pencil skirts, or midi pencil skirts. To be honest, I’m not sure how I feel about them, especially considering I just sold a 90s wool version to the consignment store.
Should I have kept it?
Does this conservative look say cute & vintage, or dated & age-ing?
What do you think?
Fun or Frumpy?


  1. I think if you can rock a pencil skirt, then it's cute! and fun. Although I'm wearing slippers as shoes today, so I'm not sure how much weight you should give this girl's vote. Hah!

  2. Eh, I'm not a fan of pencil skirts that are way below the knee, especially since I'm not very tall. The over-the-knee look, whether its a pencil skirt or a dress, looks kind of awkward on me. At least I think it does. These ladies in the photos are rockin' it though so I wouldn't rule it out completely!

  3. All of the pencil skirts I've ever owned fall below the knee…maybe I'm frumpy 😉 Oddly enough, from what I (little) I've studied of vintage fashion – the "midi" was hot in the 40's and then replaced with the "mini" skirt (because expressing yourself obviously means -show more skin!!). While both fashions are interesting, the historical ideals behind the "midi" appeal to me much more.

  4. Absolutely! And they always say that when the economy is bad, hemlines fall again. It's definitely a 1940s look, one that I love but I think it's tough to pull off the proportion sometimes, being that it can hit at the widest part of the lower leg…not always flattering. Also from the ones I've had in the past, they are a bit tough to walk in because they are a bit tight below the knee!

  5. I wonder what life was like when women did not choose styles based on comfort or could not choose hemline length based on one's body type 😉

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