Pink Pants & The Happiness Equation

Fuschia pants in winter make me super happy. Also, these pants were $3 at the thrift store, so that’s pretty happiness-inducing, too. I take my happiness where I can get it, and I can usually get it at the thrift store pretty inexpensively 😉

Today’s outfit “equation” brought to you by the fabulous Mrs. Lilien. So much style in that lady, I tell ya! 

I like to think of this as “Pink Pants & The Happiness Equation.” In case you missed that because, after all, it’s a foggy-gray-sleety-snowy-depressing January Tuesday, the equation is: Pink Pants = Happy. See, super simple. Add some leopard and some bling, and the happiness quotient triples! We get three times the happiness! That means it’s Pink Pants + Leopard + Bling =  Happyx3

So then  I asked my engineer friend if this was correct. And she said, “I’ll make you a proof!”

So that, my friends, is proof of my theory of happiness. 
Just don’t ask me how adding things somehow multiplies them.
I just can’t spend any more brain power on this.
*Ok technically it is A proof, meaning a formal mathematical demonstration. Also, she made it fancier and more official, but it was really kinda long.

By all accounts, I was no math rockstar back in school. Just put things in terms of pink pants and leopard shoes and I’m willing to give it a shot.
But I gotta be real because Mrs. Lilien lives in Palm Springs, and I live in Minnesota. Sooooo for actually going out I looked like this:

And I’m not really sure where coat + scarf + boots fit into the equation. 
Which just goes to show you can take the girl out of the math class, and what little she learned in that math class won’t go with her.
Natalie – Math Class = No Idea How to Do Math
And now we’ve come full-circle.
Happy Tuesday, friends.

PS> Another #KissSlaveryGoodbye post wearing my Radiant Cosmetics Daphne lipstick. So totally in love with this lipstick & mission.


  1. What is the brand and style of the pink pants, I had a pair I loved and lost them trying to find another… are yours silky slippery?

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