Chartreuse and Houndstooth

There’s this little secret to happiness, and it’s not a good one. I mean, it’s good, because it means happiness. But it isn’t good in the way you’re thinking, considering I usually think in terms of pink pants or leopard print cupcake wrappers, because this is a little bit of hard-work happiness. 

The kind of soul-weary-but-I’m-still-smiling happy. Deep-reserve-of-love sorta happy. 
Able-to-give-happily-and-without-any-impulse-to-hold-on-to-things-myself happy.
It’s good stuff.
Hard to come by.

Because it comes with a price. 
The price of our pride. 

The secret to that kind of deep happiness?

I just whispered that, because it’s a tough word to say. A tough word to swallow. 
A tough word to live.
It is a strange paradox that submission gives us freedom. 
And freedom in Christ?
That’s some crazy-deep-happiness.
Be blessed, friends. 


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