April Snacks

April Snacks

April Snacks by fashionatalie on Polyvore

The things I can’t get enough of right now…oh MAN are they crazy-delicious! (cue SNL skit)

The older I get, the more important I realize snacking is for me…I just gotta have something with me that I can eat at a moment’s notice, and it’s gotta be gluten-free. Here are a few of my favorite new things:

1.) Cabot Greek Vanilla Bean Yogurt…This stuff looks & tastes like perfectly-melty vanilla bean ice cream. Amazing, amazing, amazing. Also, from Vermont, which gives it extra points.
2.) Carrot Cake LaraBars….I love discovering new LaraBar flavors, and this one is delicious with carrots and pineapple.
3.) Mom’s Best Cocoa Krispy Rice Cereal….With ice cold milk, it is the perfect late-night snack to satisfy a chocolate craving.
4.) Archer Farms Monster Trail Mix…This is always one of my favorite snacks. The addition of peanut butter chips somehow makes it.
5.) Noble Blood Orange Juice…Delicious and different!
6.) Glutino Apple-Cinnamon Toaster Pastries…Oh boy. I seriously have gone through at least half a dozen boxes of these in less than a month. I keep checking WholeFoods and they are almost always out of stock, so when I see them, I grab a few. The strawberry ones aren’t worth your money, but these? These are a combination of a pop-tart and a McDonald’s apple pie. Toasted heaven.

There ya have it! My delicious finds for April.


  1. Ohmahgoodness, that Monster trail mix is my kryptonite! I used to eat that all the time in college and I had to stop because, well, I was eating way too much of it 🙂 Might have to (cautiously) re-incorporate it into my life, though…

    Stephanie @ Girl Versus Dough

  2. Me too, that's why I try to share what I'm eating 🙂 I get so bored with my food routine and love it when others share, so I try to share mine!

  3. It's funny you mention the Mom's Best Cereal because I totally go on and on about it in today's vlog. I am addicted to all of the cereals from that brand! I will have to look for those toaster pastries because I love pop tarts but gosh they are super unhealthy even if you only eat one!

  4. Haha, great minds think alike! Also, I'm a toaster pastry addict myself, but I doubt these are much healthier (maybe less sugar?). They just happen to be gluten free 🙂

  5. Yay for extra Vermont points 🙂

    Love, love these snacks… Monster Mix is so yum! And thanks for the mention. The farm families who own Cabot are always happy for the support.

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