Waves & Being Mermaids

This skirt reminds me of waves because of the turquoise swirls and the tiered scalloped edges, topped with a “whitecap” of the white ruffled shirt.

I spent yesterday at the beach with my friends (read my post on how to pack your beach bag here) and really experienced the waves with a heart for the metaphor found in them. Thanks, in no small part, to this song, which has been soaking deeply into my heart this week. 

I’m not sure I can describe it. Not yet, anyway, this experience of ebbing and flowing with the waves, of the physicality involved in trying to avoid the waves, the fear that can so easily overcome us when facing waves. I was struggling to keep my back to them, to close my eyes and mouth and grin and bear it…and then I looked to my side and I saw a beautiful friend, embracing the waves like a mermaid, swimming through them with a purely joyous smile on her face. She was at home in the waves, while I was in survival mode. 
God tells us there will be waves. I repeat: There will be waves. 
We can choose to embrace the waves and realize that they are part of our story, part of our refining, and that God’s hand is always on us. He’s got us. We won’t get lost. When we swim under a wave, let us find the beauty in those waters until we surface again. And when we surface, we’ll take a big gulp of fresh air and feel stronger than we ever did before. Stronger, more full of the beauty of life, and more free. 
Let’s be mermaids, darlings.
Sunnies: GoFish Clothing//Shirt: J.Crew//Skirt: Thrifted//Sandals:F21


  1. Ok, I'm seriously in love with this outfit! Everything you wear is cute, but this is cute that I would actually wear! I'm kinda bummed the skirt was thrifted, I want one! What brand is it?

  2. Honestly I don't know, it's some European brand I've never heard of (and I don't know where the skirt is at the moment)! But it sure looks like Lilly Pulitzer, doesn't it?

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