Hello Mornings

This post was supposed to be part of a series I meant to start on the blog this week—bah humbug, then I got sick. So we’re starting that NEXT week!

BUT I had to post this one today because Today is the LAST day to sign up for HelloMornings!

HelloMornings are online (twitter, facebook, or instagram linked) maximizing-mornings, scripture-reading, exercising, planning, and living Godly lives accountability groups. And these ladies? So legit. Each group has one or two “Accountability Captains” and we check in in the mornings, read our scripture for the day, and discuss and pray together. I started with the summer session and it has been life-changing. Truly I can’t think of a much better way to start my day!

There are a few spots left in several groups, so I highly encourage you to sign up and join us! Click here to find a group! And if you need help, feel free to email me 🙂 I’m not leading a group right now, just a participant, but I’m happy to help and point you in the right direction.

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