Five Minute Friday “Together”

The word for today is “Together”. Set the timer for 5 minutes!


Together is a tough word for me right now. I feel the opposite of it in so many ways. I feel left behind, left out, lonely. I am so tempted to think that God doesn’t have a plan for me, and that somehow I have been forgotten altogether.
Together  implies two.
And I am only one.
Only one in the morning when I make coffee. Only one at lunch time when I check my phone and see no new messages. I am only one at night when I crawl under my fuzzy hot pink blanket for the evening. And sometimes only one hurts. Because we always say “only” one. How many? “Only one.”
The lonely one.
But in the morning, I like to sing to the radio at the top of my lungs and dance around and at lunch time I go shopping at at bedtime, I snuggle that hot pink blanket and I enjoy eating chips in bed and watching Netflix like its my job. Maybe I can enjoy being, “one,” without the only. Nothing is missing when Jesus is involved. The fullness of time brings the blessings it is meant to, and in the meantime, this season? It’s pretty darn blessed, too.


Words were harder this week. So it goes.



  1. I want to give you a hug, and tell you to enjoy being single and being just one with Jesus – because marriage is not always easy – it's DAILY work – even for me being married 28 years – it's almost harder than it was as a newlywed or ten years ago. Do not rush yourself. In God's perfect timing, the man that is right for you will be in your life. Until then, enjoy the time you do not have to fight for time with God . . . {{{hugs}}} Joining with FMF with you!

  2. Love your page, your font and your bio pic, Natalie. Think of this writer community and God as an even bigger, fuzzier hot pink blanket, here to snuggle and envelop and surround you with love and eternal hugs. You are not alone, you are cozy with us.

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