Is It Still a Party If I Don’t Wear A Dress?

Insanely gorgeous fall weather today. I didn’t even need my sweater most of the day!

This is the simple outfit I wore to a dear friend’s little girl’s birthday party. Had to keep things simple for chasing kids rolling down hills and such. But it made me wonder: is it still a party if I don’t wear a dress? I almost always wear dresses to parties!

               Obviously I DID bring a cake. So I think as long as I bring a cake and/or wear a dress, it’s                                                                                        definitely a  party. 

Leather leaf earrings: Go Fish // Tank w/ Zipper Up the Back: Banana Republic // Jeans: ON // Boots: Steve Madden// Eiffel Tower Necklace: ?? // Ring: Kohls // Jacket: F21
Oh! And a Friday vlog for you 🙂 
Oh here’s one more pic of that cake. Gluten-free, all-natural, vegetable-colored sprinkles for the win!

Happy Friday, dears!


  1. Ya wanna know what? Your beautiFUL curly hair and lovely style, and your very pretty fresh face, and happy inner sunshine, more than makes it a party with or without a dress, joyful energy wins! Remember the charm 😉 I love the simple freshness here…PK

  2. Aw, thanks, Patti! I told you it was simple, but sometimes simple is best 🙂 Jeans and a white tee to mix things up & remind us that simple things are lovely, too! xo

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