Monday Things

I just want to tell you:

You are beautiful. 

And loved. 
And worthy. 
And I’d totally give you a hug if I could, because I think you’re awesome.
And I just wanted you to know that.
I mean, all this outfit stuff? 
It’s fun. It’s an expression. It starts a conversation. 
I know the whole schpiel (spelling?) of why I do what I do.
But does it really matter when it comes to the nitty-gritty? 
It’s the heart that matters. 
I’ve said it before and I will say it again:
I am so, so, so far from perfect. 
Just ask my friends. Just ask my family. Just ask anyone who has spent five minutes with me ever. If you’ve ever watched one of my vlogs, I’m sure you figured it out 😉
I am flawed and sometimes I find myself frustrated that I have to be stuck with this whole humanity-thing so often when I’d like to just GET the being-like-Jesus-thing. 
But I am daily, minute-ly (totally not a word) being perfected by Jesus. 
He is working on me, and it’s a beautiful thing.
You see I just can’t get the words out, friends!
I can’t tell you how much you are loved by God. 
I’m a writer. Words? My thing. But I can’t re-write your story. But God can. He wants to step in to your story and change the ending. I can’t tell you how much He desires to walk with you. 
Not only does He want you, He is JEALOUS for you. 
He doesn’t want the world to have you! 
The world with its ugly, mean, and dirty. With its hateful and hurtful and guilt and shame.
God says no. 
God says love and beauty and trust and freedom and openness and joy.
Can one have an “altar call” on a blog? A “come to Jesus” post? I don’t know. 
I just know that He loves you, He desperately wants you. 
And if you want to accept that into your life, here’s what you can say:
“Lord, I’m done with this world’s definition of me. It stinks! I want to get my heart right. I recognize that I am sinful, that my sin hurts you and separates me from you. I ask for forgiveness from those sins through your death on the cross. I believe that you rose again and you are coming again to give us eternal life. I desire to live my life according to Your desires. I invite you into my life and into my heart, to teach me Your ways.”
Those words? Sometimes we need to say them daily. And that’s OK. He’s just wants us on our knees, coming to Him, even if it is with offerings of humility in our frail humanity. 


  1. Hi Natali! I'm so glad to hear that, because this post was totally a fluke, haha, I must have accidentally published it when I was cleaning up my blog! But God knows better–it must have a purpose! :)Have an awesome week!

  2. Yay! I found you! Love your opening story. And, yes, absolutely one can have an altar call on a blog! Share away because God will use you when you speak out for Him! xo….Karen

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