Restless by Jennie Allen

So I just finished this book. And it wrecked my heart in the most powerful, beautiful, messy way. Really laid me bare in my heart in perfect timing. I’m starting B-school  (an online business school) today, and I have been really struggling because I had so many ideas and I wasn’t sure which direction to go. Needless to say, I was Restless. But then this beautifully designed book arrived at my doorstep on Friday afternoon, right around the time I had finished my deadlines for the week. I picked up its matte cover, which felt so nice in my hands, and read a few words. These words, on the very first page after the title page, the Dedication page: 

“You have made us for yourself, O Lord, and our heart is restless until it rests in You.” ~Saint Augustine
God, You are home to me. Take these words and light fires that cannot be put out-for Your fame on this earth in our time. 

I mean, those words spoke to something so deep in my heart at a time of searching. They captivated me, and I kept reading. I read and dreamed and scribbled and bookmarked and made many many pink notes in this book and my nootebook. God freed something in my soul through this book.
Jennie’s premise is: God’s story + our threads (the gifts God has given us, what makes our heart sing, and what we’ve struggled with) + the need + The Holy Spirit = My Purpose. 
As I nervously investigated the threads of my life, and humbly held out hands and memories before God, I found the most beautiful thing. I found my purpose. 
 Jennie really leads you through a God-focused, Holy-Spirit-driven plan of action to help you uncover your purpose for God’s glory.  I shed a lot of tears and I laughed out loud more than once. I’m pretty sure Jennie and I would be great friends. 
My own purpose and dreams will take some time. But the sharing of this book? That can start right now. Jennie Allen has created something brilliantly inspired here, so touching and warm, so personal and yet downright big. Big enough to change the world. So grab this book, my dear friends, get your pink (or purple or blue or red) pen and let’s get our hearts and lives a bit messy for God’s glory. 
If you’re with me, let’s participate in this journey together AND with Jennie Allen herself! I’m SO thrilled about this, ya’ll. If you have a local Christian bookstore, I highly suggest you support them and buy this book there. It’s so important to have those in our communities! If not, the cheapest price I found was on Christian Book Distributors, or you can get the Kindle version on Amazon
THEN sign up for the live book club with Jennie Allen that happens *tonight* and the next few weeks. Week 1 is already here.
Oh friends, let’s bring our lives and our ‘threads’ before God. It’s going to be so very beautiful. 

PS> I was provided with a free copy of this book in exchange for my true and honest opinion.


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