Your Wardrobe Secret Weapon: Dear Kate

It’s probably no surprise I like pretty underthings.
But I’m also a fan of practicality, and sometimes function wins over form (has anyone ever found a pretty nude strapless bra that is smooth? If so, please let me in on that secret).


But I’m about to let you in on a fabulous secret, something generally only your best friend might tell you. Have you heard of DearKate’s “revolutionary underwear”? They’re form-meets-function-meets-awesome.


These are underthings you can rely on. They’ve got you covered and feeling good all day long, no matter what the day brings: running, Zumba, yoga, comedy night out, extra confidence that time of the month, or visiting the White House (as I read in their testimonials section!). Any time you don’t want to leave anything to chance (and who does?) reach for DearKate.


They have athletic styles and everyday styles, all carefully crafted in NYC and packaged adorably like a letter. I chose an everyday pair from the Ella collection, with polka-dot lace and a little bow in green (how could I resist?).


Love the polka-dot mesh/lace and the thick but breathable (and silky smooth!) lining. I will caution you to be careful washing these in the machine straight-up (without a lingerie bag) because I made that mistake and they got snagged a bit. I also recommend sizing up one size.


I am so pleased to have found these and Dear Kate was kind enough to send me a pair to review so we can all ditch pantyliners, be free to live as boldly as we’d like & still wear beautiful underthings. I think that’s pretty revolutionary! These are not affiliate links, but I know Dear Kates are a bit on the expensive side so you can use code “goodgirlstyle” to get 25% off your order through April 30th!


Might I suggest you use it on their brand-new Vera collection? SO CUTE and I loooooove the color! Because I love you so much and DearKate is so generous here’s the code again:


 I highly recommend keeping at least one pair of these in your lingerie drawer. 

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