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Oh I dearly love Lara Casey and watching her online life is so inspiring. But this book of hers, which I know was written with tears, guts, vulnerability, and lots of grace, is even more inspiring. Fair warning that I haven’t finished the book entirely yet, but I wanted to share the review-so-far so you can get your copy ASAP and read with me in our Facebook Book Club (details below)! 
Not going to lie, the introduction made me cry. I have already underlined and highlighted so many phrases in this book. Be sure to keep a dedicated notebook handy, as this book is part work-book as well, and leads you through exercises on almost every page to get to the bottom of surrendering your own fear, taking the leap, and living on purpose. Lara doesn’t just tell her story, she gives actionable tools to help you live the BEST of your story. This would be a fantastic group read or Bible Study book, which is exactly what we’re going to do!
Lara confesses in the intro, “I feared my anxiety would hold me back from the things I was created to do. I was afraid I would always be stuck.” 
Can we cue the tears? 
Then she says, “You were created for a purpose, and it’s time to make it happen.”
This is one of those life-changing books if you let it and you do the work. This is one of those books you have to engage with, cry over, discuss with friends, and ultimately, be free to fly. 
So let’s get to know each other and read this book together! Join our book club on Facebook and we’ll start in-depth January 12th. Plenty of time to get your book ordered 🙂
Make it happen, my dears!


  1. I've never read any of Lara Casey's books, but this sounds right up my alley! I love good book suggestions. And a cheap price for a kindle book, I may be joining you 🙂

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