Her Favorite Find: Suze

I’m so excited to introduce a new feature: Her Favorite Find. I’m asking some stylish ladies to share with me their favorite finds: clearance, thrifted, tag sale’d, hand-me-overs. Their best & most favorite ‘scores’! I can’t wait to see what these ladies share! Aren’t you excited? First up is my blog friend Suze.

Suze shares with us her favorite find:

Hey Guys! My name is Suze and this is my husband, Ben.  Natalie was kind enough to let me on here and show you my Best Budget Score Ever! 

So, raised in Chicago, I am a rootin’ tootin’ Midwest girl, who lives in Texas and says things like “rootin’ tootin’.” Yikes.  I blog all about our budgeted life and fashion on a budget (a real budget, we are paying off our $36K of school debt by living on one salary! whew!).  On a recent trip home, mom took me garage sailing and we found these awesome loafer wedges that I am in love with.  The best part? $3.  The second best part? my size.  She had another pair in navy that I kick myself each day for not buying.  I love these shoes and although I am already (barefooted) 4 inches taller than my husband, I rock them anyway, because he likes it.  I would like to think now, that you are reconsidering buying clothes at garage sales now.  Because some of my best items are from there. 
So that’s it, you know the secret of my best budget score ever.  Thanks, Natalie! Hearts.

Suze, can we be friends in real life, too? Hehe. Those shoes are so fun and I just love going to garage sales! Being a Midwestern girl myself, I grew up going to them, too! Thanks for taking the time to share, Suze. Everyone else, go follow Suze and her hubby! (but not in real life, cause that’d be super sketchy)

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