Loving this live version of Ben Rector’s “She Is”–reminds me of the myself 😀 

“She hates the sound that goodbyes make, she loves Sundays and champagne. She can’t stand the winter, she can’t stand anything that she can’t change…” 

It’s perfect happy music to listen to during chores….but I don’t really mind chores. ‘Cause you just gotta make ’em pretty!
{I think they looks so pretty, all color-coordinated like that. Happy-like!}
Enjoy your Sunday afternoon, my dears!

P.S.> Still not a fan of my new title font, but haven’t had time to fiddle and change it. See, thing is, I love it on the sidebars, small, but not on the post titles, and I don’t think I can do two fonts like that. Sigh!


  1. Ben Rector is wonderful. He lived not too far from me, and I was introduced to him quite a while back by one of my good friends/his roommate. Great guy, amazing songs. Always hoped he would become big 🙂

  2. SUPER cool, Maddy!! I've loved his stuff for a few years now, too, and he's totally getting big. Awesome!!

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