Draper Girl

Oh my, do I love a good hat! 
A girl hop on a train to anywhere with a good hat. 
{midnight train goin’ anyyyyyyyyywheeeeerrrrrrreeeeeeee}
Ahem. Pardon the complete digression. But these photos were taken at a train station. And then I just got carried away. Bachelor night seems to make me feel a little over-dramatic

And then the sun came out for a hot minute before it started snowing lightly. The wind was blowing something fierce, so I had to hold on to my hat for dear life. 
When I saw that this particular hat was a “Draper” hat, I just had to get it for the Mad Men reference. Apart from its particular cute-ness.
But goodness if there isn’t a bit of romance in that, don’t you think? 
Train stations, vintage hats, wind, Draper…
A bit of romance, if I do say so myself. 
{See what I mean about Bachelor nights making me overly dramatic?}

Style Secrets
Hat: Vintage
Sunnies: Local store
Ring: H&M
Blouse: Thrifted
Jacket: F21
Pencil capris: Gap, thrifted
Heels: Thrifted


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