Friday Morning

Good morning! No sleeping in for me today–none at all. It’s a sunshiney, wonderful morning, and I’m enjoying it to the fullest with some Tazo Focus tea (which, by the way, goes incredibly amazingly well with Nutella). This tea is my new “can’t-get-enough” favorite (and it’s on sale at Target!).

For this lovely Friday morning, a wonderful little song, by a friend of a friend. This girl is so adorable, talented, and I love her vibe! And the set is soooooo amazing 🙂 (and take a look at the cute owl necklace she’s wearing with one of her outfits! Actually, all of her outfits are super cute!)

My favorite moment is when she turns on the light to that perfect musical cue and it’s suddenly night. Love it, girl! 
“I will think of you and wonder if you fell for me in Autumn.”


Reading God’s word in the morning light is such a beautiful thing.
Psalm 69 is such a good one. Wow. But these two verses really stuck out to me today:

But as for me, afflicted and in pain—
 May your salvation, God, protect me. 
I will praise God’s name in song and glorify Him with thanksgiving.”
Psalm 69: 29, 30

Afflicted and in pain…but still praising.
He is still worthy. 
He is always worthy, despite our pain. 
No–not even ‘despite’ our pain. 
The word despite somehow takes away from the unconditional love, and the utter Goodness of our God, who lets nothing touch us without drawing us nearer His side (if we let it).
He is worthy in light of our pain–He knows our pain. His mighty right hand is always there to uphold us. 

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