Vintage Lovin’

It was a fun weekend. A weekend that included ice cream, bowling, a concert, and a fair amount of reading and napping. And, last but not least:

This happy little vintage loveseat came to live with me!! 
{the picture above shows it still in the thrift store}
Of course, I’m looking for some fun accessories for my funky 60s couch. I get a pitter-patter in my heart when it comes to 50s mid-century modern furniture, and I think the clean lines and simple colors would go well with the more ebullient 60’s floral. So I put together a little inspiration/dream board for the space…
green/turqoise vintage modern accessories

Everything mid-century modern is ridiculously expensive, but I am seriously considering the UO side table and the little “pouf” from Target (it’s on sale in stores). I LOVE the blue chevron rug from Urban Outfitters, too, but it’s just so pricey. Of course, this girl is on a budget. I did some antique store trekking this afternoon to get some ideas from the real-deal expensive stuff, and boy did I spend a lot of money in my mind! I’d have the coolest house! 

Then, since I was dreaming, I thought: Of course I’d need an awesome outfit that coordinated with my new loveseat and decor, right?
vintage modern yellow/turqoise

vintage modern yellow/turqoise by fashionatalie featuring platform heels

Super loving on this color combination, and so glad I get to play with it in decor, too.


  1. That is really cute fabric! It would make darling curtains, or a skirt, huh? Truly, everything old is new again. Our grandparents' couches are making a comeback.

  2. Isn't it funny how that works, Heather? Sometimes I think, I like vintage stuff too much–I won't have anything to pass down to my kids that was "current" from when I was young…if that makes any sense. What should I set aside?! My skinny jeans? Lol. And you are right–that fabric would be so fun for so many other things! I would love to make a summer blouse or sundress.

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