Little Links

And does someone want to tell me exactly how and when it got to be noon on Friday? ‘Cause I can’t wrap my brain around that one this week. 
Here are some little things!
A little inspiration!
I’ve been really into carrying my collection of tote bags as purses lately. Here’s a “Kate Spade Hearts Japan” one from after the tsunami. 

Ok, I will! I may not live in a dorm room anymore, but I love my IU sweatshirt on the back of my home desk chair. 

This is the vintage glass whose mate I broke :-/ Inside is actually a delicious ginger drink made from homemade ginger syrup. So refreshing on a hot summer night!

A shoe shot from an outfit I never got around to sharing. 
Flowers for the week plus an almost-too-ripe local tomato.

I just LOVE the light in my kitchen in the late afternoon and how it illuminates the magnetic poetry.

And I made good use of that tomato, along with organic greens, the most perfectly-ripe avocado, milti-grain bread, salt, pepper, and uncured bacon. And organic Washington state sweet cherries for dessert. Mmm!

Have a great weekend, dears!!

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