Wearing Hats: A Series {Part 1}

I’m very excited to share a series with you this week about wearing hats, vintage & new. Before I begin sharing my own outfits incorporating vintage hats, I thought, we need to see some inspiration. Don’t you think? 
Jackie Kennedy’s iconic look included many hats. She was especially well-known for the pillbox style {center}
Any hat that Audrey Hepburn put on instantly became sculpture. WOW! 

There have been a handful of vintage hats on Mad Men. I adore Rachel’s simple brown hat she wears on the train {top left}. Rachel Menken’s purple feathery creation is one of a kind! Christina Hendricks wore several very stunning hats in the photoshoot for LA {bottom right}
But really, who does hats better than the British royals? No one. 
Queen Elizabeth II is so beautiful. I just love her cheerful spirit and colors. Always wearing a hat, and always smiling. 
Sophie, Countess of Wessex…love her hat & capelet

This is such an incredible photo of Princess Diana. That hat, the colors! Everything about it is stunning.
And, of course, the world’s newest darling, Princess Kate. I’ll forever call her that because it’s so endearing and I feel it suits her. She’s the Jackie Kennedy of our generation, I do think. Goodness she looks amazing in anything, and always happy and carefree {albeit skinny}.
I love rocking hats. I dearly love collecting them AND wearing them, and can hardly wait to start showing you a few from my own collection. Aren’t you pining for gorgeous hats now? 


  1. I too, am a lover of hats! I have a whole winter collection of them. Can't wait to start wearing them again! I'm excite for this hats series! 🙂

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