Grace During Holy Week

It’s Holy Week.

And I’ve been failing miserably at offering grace freely.

Wow, that is hard to admit. In the wake of Jesus walking to the cross, I have been unable to offer grace to those closest to me. And I have excuses, sure. Plenty of them. But they are just that: excuses that come out of my own selfishness. Without Jesus, this is how I behave. I behave grace-lessly and selfishly. But when I open my heart to Jesus, to the weight of what He has done for me and I remember, I am able to pour out His grace to others in my life.

So today is a day of working on heart-things.
Today is a day I ask for forgiveness.
Today is a new day of surrender.

May my heart be purified as I, too, approach the cross this week on bended knee, seeking my beautiful Savior.

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