Wearing Skirts & Tights in Winter {Updated Version}

{heavy materials, layers underneath, tights, flannel heels}
Layer your dress: A heavy-duty red material, layered with a chambray shirt makes sure this ensemble stays cozy. 
{Merino cardigan, heavy dress, merino tights, Hunter boots}
Layer with Merino Wool: Layer over it with a merino wool sweater and merino wool tights. 
{Velvet skirt, layered top, Bootights, Shearling-lined boots}
Discover Bootights: LOVE these tights with a sock attached. They are made in USA, high-quality, durable, and have a sock attached. 
Find fleece, silk, or cotton tights and leggings: {wool tulip skirt, fleece-lined running tights, high boots, chambray shirt}
Choose Appropriate Dress Materials: Heavy vintage silk, velvet, and wool are all great choices. If you are wearing a lighter-weight dress, be sure the colors say “winter.”
Add lots of layers and color!

You can even do fancy in the winter without being freezing! These tights are a great find (Target, of course!) and pair perfectly with a heavy silk vintage dress ($10 from the ‘needs work’ bin at my favorite vintage store…and I’m happy to work on pretty vintage dresses!). Then I wore my bright red wool coat.

{Dress, merino wool sweater, sweater tights, suede pumps}
I hope this gives you some ideas as we face these last dregs of winter! 
Be well and be warm!


  1. Good tips, dear! Hoping I don't need to wear tights for too much longer, but for now, at least I know how to wear them well 😉

    Stephanie @ Girl Versus Dough

  2. I love your style – so cute! I've never been a tights fan, I love them on other people… but I get tired of fussing with them so I tend to scrap the idea of dresses until I can just wear bare legs. So sad, huh??

    The chambray shirt khaki skirt combo is my fave. So classy and chic!

  3. so much awesome i cannot stand it. seriously!

    this just goes to show that when you create a wardrobe out of classic quality pieces, the combinations are endless.

    absolutely lovely collection, and one i will be pinning for future reference!!


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