Triple Hot Chocolate

I might have gone a little bit too far. Three chocolates in one cup of cocoa?
Yeah, no, that’s not too far, what was I thinking?

Besides it’s Valentine’s Day.
The day that begs you to eat fancy chocolates and drink fancy hot chocolate and get dressed up fancy and celebrate love. I don’t want to hear from the haters because I think that sounds AWESOME and I’m totally all about it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not about the tacky Mylar balloons and guys buying gas-station roses & candy-bars last minute. I’m not about a “perfect boyfriend who has to show me he loves me.”
Nope. In fact, totally single.

But a day to celebrate love? It’s like they asked me what sort of holiday I’d like to create, and I said: one that revolves around getting dressed up (or staying home in pajamas), going out for a nice dinner (or eating takeout on the couch with a sappy romantic movie, or grabbing some pink champagne with some of my girls), a good snuggle (be it with hubby, boyfriend, dog, cat, or stuffie), chocolate, roses, and perhaps a little something sparkly-blingy (or totally practical–my grandma gave me a six-pack of socks this year. legit.). Can you think of anything to add to my perfect day(s)? Me neither.

And don’t forget to spread the love–friends, moms, grandmas, co-workers, the kiddos–they all deserve some Valentine’s day treats. And they totally deserve some of this hot chocolate.

Triple Chocolate Hot Cocoa
{by Good Girl Style}
Makes 1 large mug

1 1/2 cups chocolate milk
2 heaping TBSPs. cocoa powder
Dash salt
Splash of vanilla 
1-2 tsps. powdered sugar (or to taste)
Chocolate Whipped Cream (from a can OR here OR make regular whipped cream and add sifted cocoa powder and powdered sugar to taste)–yes there is chocolate whipped cream on mine, it just melted in perfectly 🙂

Heat on the stove, whisking constantly, until thoroughly mixed and hot. Pour into mugs and top with the whipped cream.


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