Valentine’s Day Dress

What would a Valentine’s Day be without a pretty red or pink dress? I’m all about dressing like the particular holiday, ha. I think it’s my Minnesota heritage, where all of the ladies wear seasonal sweaters and sweatshirts year-round. I just choose vintage-y dresses and fake-fur jackets in seasonal colors instead.

I tried this rose-gold makeup (love it!). Light, sparkly, pretty.
Seriously, over the past few weeks I have gone to Starbucks THREE times asking for Valentine’s cups. They don’t have any this year 🙁 Bummer. But at least from 2-5pm their Vanilla Latte and Mocha are Buy One Get One Free. And all Caribou Coffee drinks are if you print their online coupon. So that’s a bit of a caffeine consolation.
Some of my previous Valentines links…

And a reminder…
“Set your heart on things above…” 
Col. 3:1
Have a beautiful day and evening, friends!
Let your heart be light <3


  1. Out of all the Valentine's Day blog posts that I've seen I adore yours the most! I'd wear this any time because red and neutrals go so well together. I just happened across your blog and I love it!


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