Valentine’s Day with Minted: Sale Shout

A Valentine’s Day outfit from a few years ago! 
OOoo, it’s almost Valentine’s Day! It truly is one of my favorite holidays. It’s the turning point of winter in my mind, when spring feels like it is possible, love is celebrated, and chocolate is doled out. Could it BE any more fun? Well, yes, with some of Minted’s Valentines and Gifts.
 They have Valentine’s Day Cards and, for the kiddos, Classroom Valentines cards that are unique designs, high quality, and many incorporate the gold foil trend that is tres chic. Ooolala!

 faves for the kids at school:
Treat Bag
All-Star (love this for little boys!)
You’re So Cool

to send love from the kids/babe:
Lil’ Baby Love
Big XO

to showcase your love (+ that delicious gold foil that is 20% off!):
Jotted Love
Hearts Aflutter
Luxe Heart

And quite possibly my MOST favorite, this little gem for those with new darlings:

In Love 

Are you feeling the love? I soooo am. Love Minted’s products, the quality and customer service are truly unbeatable. Order now for delivery in time for your sweethearts, classmates, family, friends, and…well, I’d love one too 🙂 Email me for my PO box! Tee hee, but seriously.

Fondue Party

I’m throwing a fondue party for Valentine’s Day (romantic for two, or fun for a few!) over at Big Girls, Small Kitchen this week! Fondue is back in style and this year? We’re dipping bacon in the chocolate fondue because it’s 2014 and we can. Obviously. 

Valentine’s Day Dress

What would a Valentine’s Day be without a pretty red or pink dress? I’m all about dressing like the particular holiday, ha. I think it’s my Minnesota heritage, where all of the ladies wear seasonal sweaters and sweatshirts year-round. I just choose vintage-y dresses and fake-fur jackets in seasonal colors instead.

I tried this rose-gold makeup (love it!). Light, sparkly, pretty.
Seriously, over the past few weeks I have gone to Starbucks THREE times asking for Valentine’s cups. They don’t have any this year 🙁 Bummer. But at least from 2-5pm their Vanilla Latte and Mocha are Buy One Get One Free. And all Caribou Coffee drinks are if you print their online coupon. So that’s a bit of a caffeine consolation.
Some of my previous Valentines links…

And a reminder…
“Set your heart on things above…” 
Col. 3:1
Have a beautiful day and evening, friends!
Let your heart be light <3

Triple Hot Chocolate

I might have gone a little bit too far. Three chocolates in one cup of cocoa?
Yeah, no, that’s not too far, what was I thinking?

Besides it’s Valentine’s Day.
The day that begs you to eat fancy chocolates and drink fancy hot chocolate and get dressed up fancy and celebrate love. I don’t want to hear from the haters because I think that sounds AWESOME and I’m totally all about it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not about the tacky Mylar balloons and guys buying gas-station roses & candy-bars last minute. I’m not about a “perfect boyfriend who has to show me he loves me.”
Nope. In fact, totally single.

But a day to celebrate love? It’s like they asked me what sort of holiday I’d like to create, and I said: one that revolves around getting dressed up (or staying home in pajamas), going out for a nice dinner (or eating takeout on the couch with a sappy romantic movie, or grabbing some pink champagne with some of my girls), a good snuggle (be it with hubby, boyfriend, dog, cat, or stuffie), chocolate, roses, and perhaps a little something sparkly-blingy (or totally practical–my grandma gave me a six-pack of socks this year. legit.). Can you think of anything to add to my perfect day(s)? Me neither.

And don’t forget to spread the love–friends, moms, grandmas, co-workers, the kiddos–they all deserve some Valentine’s day treats. And they totally deserve some of this hot chocolate.

Triple Chocolate Hot Cocoa
{by Good Girl Style}
Makes 1 large mug

1 1/2 cups chocolate milk
2 heaping TBSPs. cocoa powder
Dash salt
Splash of vanilla 
1-2 tsps. powdered sugar (or to taste)
Chocolate Whipped Cream (from a can OR here OR make regular whipped cream and add sifted cocoa powder and powdered sugar to taste)–yes there is chocolate whipped cream on mine, it just melted in perfectly 🙂

Heat on the stove, whisking constantly, until thoroughly mixed and hot. Pour into mugs and top with the whipped cream.

Red & Pink & Lovey Dovey

Gosh, I do love an excuse to wear red and pink and heart-shaped things. 
And to celebrate love in all of its capacities, all its foibles, full of hope and enduring power… tenuous heartstrings, pulling to and fro.

Gosh, I’m such a romantic it’s not even funny.
Totally struck by Cupid’s arrows. 

heart clutch + cupid arrow + red lipstick
Style Secrets
Shirt: NY&Co
Rose earrings: ?
Heart Wooden Necklace: Store in FL
Sunnies: Local store
Leopard-print Barette: ?
Heart bracelet: Gift
Red bead/Silk bracelet: Art fair
Capris: Gap, thrifted
Heels: Thrifted
Clutch: Aldo
{I just couldn’t resist one more silly picture!}
 But lest you think I’m just another one of those girls with a hot date and a mushy love story, let me say: I’m not. I don’t have a date at all. I don’t have a love story (yet). My heart? Well, it will be hidden in God, tonight, as I relish the love HE puts in my life, that HE showers me with. It amazes me. God has overfilled my cup with love, and for that, I am entirely grateful. It is absolutely worth celebrating. I was never one to be down on a day of celebrating love. {but if you do need a broken-heart sad-song, I’d recommend this one, neverminding the video, just the song}

So tonight I’ll spend some time communing with God. Yes, I’ll probably watch a sappy romantic movie and drown my sorrows in some chocolate. But reading my Bible makes my soul and heart sing. It makes me want to be a better woman, a better friend, sister, daughter. It fills me with hope.

“Set your heart on things above…” 
Col. 3:1

Indeed, I will set my heart on things above. 

 Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.
Phil. 4:8


I made some Valentines.
I’m planning to hand them out like Bachelor roses. 
“Will you accept this valentine?”

I mean, really, who could say no?!
Happy Valentine’s Day!!

I’ve been working on these super fun Valentines all week, like a school girl, making sure the boys get the mushiest ones, and the girls get the “Best Friends 4 Ever” ones.

Actually, mine all say, “I think you’re a hoot!” Hehe. But I did carefully hand write names like in school 🙂

Cute, quirky, love-struck owls downloadable free online but I canNOT find the link anymore (please leave it in the comments if you find it!!)
Arrow idea from Carolyn at Homework