New Specs and a GlassesUSA Review

I need new glasses, ya’ll. 
So these are my current/old glasses. Horn-rim Chaps, oval, get the job done. 
But it is time for an update. 
I really wasn’t sure how to go about this process, since it’s always so difficult to choose new glasses. But I decided to try one of these online glasses places, and be brave. When GlassesUSA contacted me to do a review of a pair of glasses, I jumped on board! I’d been eyeing (ha, I crack myself up) their site anyway, so it was a great fit.
I don’t just need glasses, you see (clever me, all the puns). I don’t need just frames, or readers. I need prescription glasses. Like, Coke-bottle glasses. Really-really-really thick glasses. Hazardous-to-my-health-AND-your-health blind without my glasses. Such is life. So I always have to get the primo lenses (read, expensive), so saving on the frames is a MUST for my budget. GlassesUSA eyeglasses are a great buy, and their clearance/sales/coupons section is also worth a look.
Here are my two picks (I purchased one pair with my own money and the other one partially with a credit):
Muller in Brown
Personal Shopper in Blue
I made a video to show you the frames in person and tell you a little more about my experience: 
I love the lucite and tortoise sides of the Nicole Miller Personal Shopper.
Muller has metal and crystal detailing.
GlassesUSA is always offering crazy-good discount codes, so check out their Facebook and Twitter pages for exclusive discounts. You can also use the code: Blog10 for a 10% discount. You can also try their new Virtual Try-On feature. This wasn’t available when I chose my frames, but I highly recommend giving it a try.

They have a 110% lowest-price guarantee and 100% money-back guarantee, so you’re safe no matter what you decide. Overall, if you need to buy glasses, I’d say GlassesUSA is a great place to update your look!

Soooooo now the question is, should I keep them? Just one? Which one? Both?
And which frames are YOU eyeing?

PS> We’re not talking about the craziness that is my bangs in these photos right now, ok? They’re not chopped weird, I promise, they were just being weird. #whoknows


  1. I love them both but if I had to pick just one I would say the personal shoppers. Both look great on you but those pop and seem to fit your perky personality.

    Quick question : I went to eye doc several months ago and have script from then. Do I have to go back to be measured or is there any way to do it on the GlassesUSA site?

  2. I love the personal shoppers too! They're my fave, but I can see one of the sides out of my peripheral vision, which is throwing me off. I'll be so disappointed if I have to send them back. I asked them about it.

    Also, I think you will probably want to get that measured in person somewhere…I think!

  3. I truly love them both!
    I just got a pair of glasses at zenni optical last year, $18 to my door. unbeatable! However, i felt limited in styles there.
    I'm inspired to upgrade to a new pair soon, thanks for the link!

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